Stick Giydirme Cephe Sistemleri

Elegance 52 ST is anything but standard, with a proven history for performance and thermal insulation, solutions range from cold single glazing to high performance achieving the requirements of Passive House certification from IFT Rosenheim.

Elegance 52 VL solutions create an external emphasis on the vertical aspect, by minimising the glass-to-glass visual of the adjacent line.

Elegance 52 SX provides a low cost alternative to full structural silicone glazing, creating a flush glazed appearance using concealed pressure plates.

Elegance 52 SGC, tam strüktürel silikon cepheye gore daha az maliyetli bir alternatif, grid yapılı bir giydirme cephe sistemidir. Elegance 52 ST bağlantı ve orta kayıt drenaj ilkelerine dayanır.

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