Sliding/folding doors

Confort Smartline is an optimised, high performing, thermally insulated
sliding door with a slim sightline. The system combines this highly
attractive aesthetic line with remarkable energy efficiency. The sliding
door belongs to an entirely new generation of sliding systems thanks to
technical innovation and well-considered design.

Confort 160 is a high performance thermally insulated sliding door system, with a user-friendly (lift-) slide action. The system, with an attractive aesthetic line, is durable, stable and remarkably energy efficient. With a maximum vent weight up to 400 kg large glazed areas are easily attainable. 

Artline XL is a high-end, thermally insulated sliding system.

Confort 125 is a thermally insulated sliding and lift-sliding system that is durable, stable and robust. The system is available in a 1, 2 and 3 rail version, so a 6-leaf sliding door is perfectly feasible. With a maximum vent weight of 240 kg for the sliding and 300 kg for the lift-sliding version, large glazed areas are easily attainable.

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